lesser burdock labradors


Lesser Burdock Hendrix

Lesser Burdock Hendrix

  • dam: IntFTCH Lesser Burdock Beaver
  • sire: FTW Troddenmills Full Throttle of Leacaz
  • pet name: JIMMY
  • born on 19/05/2018
  • pediree

Health results

  • HD-A, ED 0, OCD clear
  • PRA, RD, CAT (eyes clear on 25/07/2019)
  • PRA prcd N/N, EIC N/N, CNM N/N, HNPK N/N


Jimmy is a very strong-boned, compact dog with a beautiful, big head coming after his father Todd as far as his outward appearance is concerned. Jimmy has got a very friendly character and wants to please everyone. He is very much like his mother Beaver, who can also wrap everyone around their little finger because of her friendly and clown-like nature. Because of his “will-to-please”, he is easy to train, since he always wants to do everything right.

Ton is going to run him in a few WTs this autumn to give him the opportunity to collect some experience. Ton’s aim is it, of course, to run him in FTs successfully in the upcoming years.