lesser burdock labradors


IntFTCH Lesser Burdock Beaver

IntFTCH Lesser Burdock Beaver

  • dam: IntFTCH Lesser Burdock Ansdell
  • sire: FTW Astraglen Trigger of Fendawood
  • pet name: BEAVER
  • born on 05/19/2012
  • pediree

Health results

  • HD-A, ED 0, OCD clear
  • PRA, RD, CAT (eyes clear on 02/23/2015)
  • PRA prcd N/N, EIC N/N, SD2 N/SD2, CNM N/N

Work results:

  • 2. place with exc. RCACIT/RCACT in Italy, 06.01.2018
  • 2. place with exc. RCACIT/RCACT in Italy, 03.01.2018
  • 1. place with exc. CACIT/CACT in Italy, 17.12.2017
  • 3. place with exc. in Czech Republic, 26.11.2017
  • 4. place with exc. in Austria, 28.10.2017
  • 2.place with exc. RCACIT/RCACT in Czech Republic,17.11.2016
  • 2. place with exc. RCACIT/RCACT in Hungary, 05.11.2016
  • 2. Platz mit exc. RCACT beim FT in Cressa am 17.11.2015
  • further qualifications with Very good and Good

Show / Confirmation:

  • "very good" in Schranawand in 2014


Beaver is a very stylish and hard-going bitch with great gamefinding abilities. At the same time she was and still is very easy to train. Taking her out for training is as much of a pleasure as running her in competitions, especially in FTs. She has gained excellent results in both walked-up and driven trials over the years. We are very happy that she will become IntFTCH as soon as she has gained a “Very good“ in an int. dog show.

She has had 2 litters (see E-litter and G-litter) so far and gave birth to 11 puppies. She is going to be mated again this spring.

(For more information, please go to news – planned H-litter)